Atlas Barber Company is a quality barber shop with the patron as our primary focus; created to offer the gentlemen of Atlanta a tailored experience that is made accessible and convenient by offering services on appointment.


  • Haircut

    Tailored to the individual based on consultation. Includes clipper and/or scissor over comb cut, shampoo, hot towel service, educational style and straight razor neck shave.

  • Buzz Cut

    Clipper cut across the entire head.

  • Beard/Mustache Grooming

    Trimming and shaping of facial hair, striaght razor cheek lining, foil razor neck cleaning, a tidying hot towel, moisturizers and balms as needed..

  • Gentleman’s Facial

    Use of cleansing balms, masques, scrubs, hot and cold towel treatments and finishing moisturizers.

  • Wet Shave

    Straight razor shave including the use of hot towels, a facial cleansing balm, pre-shave treatment, client-selected shaving cream, cold towel cool down and after-shave moisturizers.

  • Clean Up

    Brief outlining/tidying, clean shaving and light trimming at the barber’s discretion only.

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Chapin Mosley

Atlas Barber Company is the vision of Chapin Mosley, a barber with technique, creativity and the well being of his clients at the heart of all he does. 

After earning his bachelor’s degree, Chapin completed his professional training at Sassoon–considered by many to be one of the most prestigious in the industry. His strengths include shear-over-comb, clipper-over-comb and precision haircutting techniques. 

Chapin’s passion for excellent barbering and a deep desire to provide clients with the service and environment that they deserve is the inspiration for Atlas Barber Company.